4MATIC Weekend.


Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Weekend
Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC all-wheel drive heightens performance and safety in even the most challenging driving conditions.
Instead of issuing power to either front, rear or all tyres at once, the 4MATIC system empowers each wheel individually. Distributing variable torque allows your Mercedes-Benz to adapt as conditions change; applying power at the right moment, in the right place and with moderation.
For example, when turning a corner or encountering a change in road surface that may otherwise cause loss of control, the 4MATIC system reacts instantly to maximise handling and stability.
Not just a benefit of our SUV models, the 4MATIC system is now available across the Mercedes-Benz range.
This November, Mercedes-Benz South West retailers are holding a special 4MATIC weekend.
From 4 - 7 November you will be able to try out models from our 4MATIC range, including the new GLC Coupé. Whether you are looking for an SUV, Saloon, Estate or Hatchback, now is the perfect time to get equipped for the winter ahead.  
Contact your local Mercedes-Benz South West retailer today to book your place.