Hot talent Miles Lee-Hargreaves!


Having competed for his country in the World Youth Surf championships, secured multiple competition wins, Miles is hungry for success now taking to the international
stage. But home for this sick surfer is in the waves off the coastal town of Bude,
North Devon. Despite a summer sewn up travelling the European circuit, MBSW
recently caught up with him (and his A-Class) in his hometown.
What beach did you grow up on and was it there you started surfing?
I grew up on Southbourne beach in Dorset. Being close to home, my mum would take me there after school. I actually started out body-boarding there with friends but around the age of 8 I learnt to surf.
Where was your first ever competition?
The first contest I can remember going to was the British Schools Championships
when I was around 10, a competition I’ve now gone on to win three times.
You’ve had a lot of success competing, where does your passion come from?
I’ve always wanted to be the best at whatever I do, and had a thirst for winning
– maybe it stems from a successive losing career at my primary school sports days.
Where was your first trip away whilst competing?
It was the first time I represented Great Britain in the World Junior Surfing Games;
it was in New Zealand. At 15 it was both an amazing place to go and experience
to have.
Who pushes and drives you the most to achieve?
My friends who I compete with in the UK. There is such a good group of surfers all
competing together, not to mention them being some of my best friends too – not
when we hit the water though!
What does surfing mean to you?
It sounds clichéd but it means everything to me! It’s my life and I’ve met the most amazing people from this sport and visited places I could only dream about going.
Who are your sponsors?
Billabong, Adams SurfBoards, Carve Eyewear, Obsessive-Disorder, Future Fins and of course Mercedes-Benz South West.
What was you latest competition and where?
The last contest was the English Nationals the day I came back from my Indonesia trip….needless-to-say I was freezing cold and could barely move in my wetsuit. It was hard to adjust, ha-ha.
What are your favourite break/waves?
I love point breaks as the waves always break in the same place, especially periscopes in Sumbawa. I spent a lot of time surfing these waves and got some epic rides.
Did you enjoy working with Mercedes-Benz South West and the A-Class during your
photo shoot?
I had so much fun, the guys were so easy to work with. It seemed like a fun day out more than it did work but we got some amazing shots in the process!
How would you describe the Mercedes-Benz A-Class in one word?
What stands out for you most about the A-Class?
It’s so good looking (ha-ha). I know when people see you driving that car that they are thinking the same.
What’s next for you and where will you be?
In Europe competing in the ASP Pro Junior tour.