smart beach volleyball


smart South West Beach Volleyball
smart South West are hoping to bring sunshine and excitement to the beaches of the South West this summer with their smart themed beach volleyball tour.
As such an integral part of the South West's identity, its beaches are the first port of call for holiday makers and locals alike. Not only for those looking to catch some well-deserved rays, our beaches are also a place to take in the sights, spend a day with your loved ones or indulge in high-octane watersports.
The smart team wanted to see what the region's favourite beaches have to offer and to add to the spectacle with smart themed volleyball games. So, they pitched up their net and let the general public take over...
Exmouth Beach was one of the first locations to be unveiled. Not ones to let a sporting opportunity pass us by, we tagged along to see what the fuss was about.
Exmouth is one of the most popular seaside towns in East Devon. Spanning two miles, it gives ilyllic views of the Exe Estuary and sits within the stunning Jurassic Coast. Already supplying a great number of facilities to its visitors, the sudden appearance of the smart beach volleyball court certainly attracted interest.
We spoke to a number of guests there on the day to determine what visitors think of the beach itself and also what they made of the new addition to the beach facilities.
The first couple we met discussed what they remember from beaches of their past:
"Our local beaches are very important; not only for people on holiday but for the people who live near them, too. At this end of the beach there is not a lot to do but up by the Pavillion there is more going on... But not like years ago when you would have Punch and Judy on the beach. If our Grandchildren were here today they would have loved to play volleyball with you."
A lot of those we spoke to reiterated the importance of beaches like Exmouth for the economic health of the region:
One gentleman commented: "Exmouth Beach has a lot to do for the size of it; you have paddle boats, donkeys, restaurants and now much more thanks to the new Pavillion complex. Beaches like this are so important to the South West as they bring in a lot of trade from other regions and also supply products like fish back to the rest of the country."
What was clear was how close our beaches are to the heart of the South West. We hope the smart volleyball tour acts to attract more visitors to these treasured spots and increases the enjoyment of those spending time there.
With more dates yet to be confirmed, smart Beach Volleyball is likely to be coming to a beach near you very soon!