Chauffeur Accessories

Mercedes-Benz Accessory Packs

We have a selection of personal accessory packs specifically designed for the care, safety and comfort of you, your passengers and your Mercedes-Benz.
As well as the specific packs listed below, we also have a range of expertly designed Mercedes-Benz Accessories for you to really make your Mercedes-Benz your own.

From storage solutions to unique alloy wheels, every single one of our accessories is of the highest quality and has been designed to complement your Mercedes-Benz perfectly. For your convenience, they can all be ordered through your nearest Mercedes-Benz Retailer.

Welcome PackSafety & Comfort PackCar Care Pack
Chauffeur Complete Care£130
(40% saving)
(RRP £77)
Chauffeur Service Care£175
(20% saving)
(RRP £77)
Own arrangements£99£216£50
(RRP £77)

Welcome Pack

Mercedes-Benz To You is a simple, convenient way to ensure that your car is in good condition.
  • We’ll come to either your home or work place
  • We’ll come at a time convenient for you
  • You can rest assured your car will receive the same professional inspection that it would at a Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop
  • You will receive a written copy of the health check results
  • If there’s any essential work that needs to be done, an advisor will talk you through the details, as well as book an appointment if necessary

Safety and Comfort Pack

This pack has been created so that the safety and comfort of you and your passengers is never compromised.
  • Torch
  • 4 x High visibility vests
  • Boot tub
  • 2 x Golf umbrellas

Car Care Pack

It’s easy to look after your Mercedes-Benz with these fabulous genuine car care products, which have been specifically designed to keep your vehicle looking its best.
Interior Kit
(RRP £32)
• Cockpit Care Spray
• Interior Glass Cleaner
• Interior Glass Sponge
• Car Dust Cloth

Exterior Kit
(RRP £32)
• Shampoo
• Alloy Wheel Cleaner
• Sponge
• Chamois Cloth

Windscreen Protector
(RRP £13)
• Protects against sun and ice

Please contact your local Official Workshop for more information.