Roadside Assistance

Keep your business moving with Mercedes-Benz Mobilio

At Mercedes-Benz, we know your vehicle is your livelihood and that it’s vital to keep your car on the road. That’s why we offer Mercedes-Benz Mobilo to provide fast and effective assistance at the roadside should your vehicle fail to start or can no longer continue its journey.

Even if your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, Mercedes-Benz will tow you to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop and ensure that your business is kept mobile with a replacement Chauffeur-licensed vehicle.

In addition to Mercedes-Benz Mobilo, we offer Chauffeurs who take out either the Chauffeur Complete Care plan or the Chauffeur Service Care plan a tailored roadside assistance package specifically designed for them free of charge.

Enhanced Mobility

Our Enhanced Mobility package provides a replacement Chauffeur-licensed vehicle for a maximum of five days if yours is driven into a Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop for any of the following reasons:

● Satellite navigation not working
● Gearbox issues
● Engine management light on
● Air conditioning not working
● Emergency mode