Free TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery unit

We know that your car is vital for your business and in the event of it being stolen you’d want it recovered as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re offering you a free TRACKER unit when you take out either our Chauffeur Complete Care or Chauffeur Service Care plan.

Should your Mercedes-Benz ever get stolen, TRACKER greatly improves your chances of getting it back with minimum impact on your business.

Over 90% of stolen cars fitted with TRACKER are returned to their owners and 80% of these are recovered within 24 hours.

Subscription and fitting costs.

If you take out a Mercedes-Benz Complete Care plan, the TRACKER unit as well as the fitting is included free of charge saving you £374. However, if you choose a Chauffeur Service Care plan, we will provide the unit free of charge and the cost of fitting TRACKER is £149.

Whichever you decide, annual subscription for TRACKER peace of mind is £149, or a one-off payment of £399 for three years.

Please contact your local Official Workshop for more information.