Mercedes-Benz South West Service Plan

Service Plan

A Mercedes-Benz South West Service Plan makes servicing simple and provides you with the peace-of-mind that the servicing of your car will be taken care of in line with your individual requirements and without the worry of unexpected bills and inflationary price rises.

Take out a Service Plan today and your costs will be fixed for its duration. So even if the price of parts and labour should rise, the cost of your Service Plan† will remain the same - that’s a guarantee.

And of course, you will enjoy the reassurance that your vehicle is being looked after by the expert technicians of our Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop.

But in addition to the convenience and reassurance that it offers, a Mercedes-Benz South West Service Plan also goes above and beyond comparable products in the marketplace by offering a host of additional benefits – most of them complimentary - for the duration of the contract:

  • Free-of-charge oil top-ups
  • Free-of-charge Software Upgrades
  • Free puncture repairs
  • Free-of-charge Courtesy Car (normal charge £30, Includes Insurance plus 40 miles, only modest fuel charges apply thereafter)
  • Free-of-charge Collection & Delivery Service (normal charge £30)

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