Value Service

7+ Value Service.

As your Mercedes-Benz gets older, we understand the need to keep car servicing costs under control, which is why we've now introduced a fixed price Value Service. If your Mercedes-Benz is more than 7 years old, you can now choose a Value Service to ensure that your car continues to operate in perfect order and without high expenses. No surprises, no hidden costs, just straightforward servicing that means that your Mercedes-Benz can continue to run smoothly whilst being expertly maintained.

What’s included in a Mercedes-Benz Value Service?

Visual brake inspectionPower steering fluid level
Check tyresCheck lights
Check wipers and washersRe-set service indicator
Check seat beltsOil and filter change
Check suspension componentsMercedes-Benz GenuineParts**
Inspect Poly-V beltFree service measures updates
Brake fluid levelFree car wash

How much does a Value Service cost?

Each value service is tailored to your car. To receive a tailored quote based on your vehicle model and age, please contact your local service team and quote ‘Value Service’.

Why should you choose us over others? Take a look at what you’d get with a comparative Value Service, verses a Value Service at a Mercedes-Benz South West Retailer.